Superyacht - MY Shemara

The vessel was originally built in 1938 and holds a tremendous amount of history to her name. When the vessel changed hands in 2010, the new owner began planning an extensive restoration programme.

Global Insulation (European) Ltd was commissioned in 2012 to write a full insulation programme, which included all thermal requirements to structure, all acoustic insulation to structure and A60 to Steel and Aluminium in machine spaces and superstructure.

Our programme to commence installing the above materials begun in the early part of 2013. We remained heavily involved throughout the entire refit programme which was finalised when MY Shemara set sail on 12th July 2014, destined for the Mediterranean.

We are proud to have been one of the main contractors for this very much loved vessel.

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Superyacht - MY ANTELOPE III

Global Insulation (European) Ltd was contacted by Captain Shaun Snyders of Hill Robinson Yacht Management as they had major issues with their main engine exhausts.

This High Performance Luxury Yacht had three large MTU Power Plants whereupon it had a gas temperature of some 600 degrees centigrade. Global Insulation provided Hill Robinson Yacht Management with a specification which was approved and installed on MY Antelope III. All works were carried out at NCP Refit, Sibenik, Croatia.

Superyacht - Lady A

Global Insulation (European) Ltd was commissioned by Burgess Marine Ltd, with whom we have a longstanding working relationship, working closely with their Engineering Division.

We carried out various insulation requirements throughout the vessel which involved re-instating new thermal insulation materials to ships hull and deckheads. We were also required to provide and install an acoustic system to the port and starboard stabilizer boxes.

Our main works were carried out within the main engine room where we had to remove all existing insulation from the deckhead and install a new A60 to composite structure passive fire system. This was then encased in perforated sheet metal which was fabricated in our workshops.

We undertook the re-insulation of the new exhaust system and silencers. The insulation installation was of high temperature material which was then encased in a stainless steel finish.

All bellows, flanges and turbos had a removable insulated matt fabricated and fitted, again with a high temperature exhaust insulation infill. The outer covering was of Trysil, which is an exceptionally good finish as it is non-absorbent and is easily maintained.

Superyacht - MY Tacanuya

Global Insulation (European) Ltd are pleased to announce that we have been commissioned by Burgess Marine to carry out the upgrade of all structural passive fire and acoustic insulation to the 56 metre luxury motor yacht MY Tacanuya which was originally built in 1992.

We commenced the insulation install of all areas in the middle of January 2015 and are working alongside Burgess Marine, Trimline and Atlantis Interiors. In addition to all structural insulation requirements, we are also commissioned to carry out the full insulation of the chilled water system to the fan coil units and to upgrade the domestic HWS and CWS pipework. Within the machine spaces, we are to carry out major passive fire insulation to the forward and aft bulkheads and to provide a full specification and installation to the main engine exhaust systems.

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Superyacht - Refits

We are a main contractor to Solent Refit, Hythe, where we have carried out refit works to MY Babylon, Moon Maiden II, MY Ocean. We have also carried out de-commissioning works to the exhaust system on Lady K II.

Avant Garde Marine (Project 608)

This is an ongoing contract we have had with our client for the full refit of a 44m Feadship (pronounced Fed Ship). We were commissioned to carry out a full written specification for Passive Fire Protection to Machine Spaces to “A60” and Thermal and Acoustic works throughout the vessel.