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These vessels were constructed at FBM Marine, Cowes, Isle of Wight. Global Insulation was contracted to install the insulation materials to A60 Standards. Engine Rooms, Electrical Locker Room, Under Bridge Deckhead, Upper Forward AC Bulkhead, Upper Forward Bulkhead were insulated using 65mm Firebatt 825 with a Grey Glass Silicone Cloth covering. All beam structures were insulated in two layers, one of 50mm and one of 40mm Firebatt 825 with a Grey Glass Silicone covering. All joints were seamed and the whole system was then encased in 25mm Wire Netting to conform with A60 Specification. The accommodation area of Upper and Lower Deck and Wheelhouse Void were insulated in 75mm thick 28kg Fibreglass Mattress with a Bright class 'O' Finish. All joints were secured by means of Foil Faced Tape to form a vapour tight seal.
53 metre Tri-Cat at Sea

U.A.E. Protectors

45 metre Tri-Cat Hong Kong

Lifeboat 0104

L/B 0104:

Global Insulation, over the years, has carried out many contracts for the RNLI. These are ranging from the Severn Class, Trent Class and Mersey Class. A typical specification is for the Engine Rooms to be insulated in a lightweight foam material with an acoustic barrier to conform with Class'O' fire rating. The exhausts are also insulated in mineral fibre with admiralty cloth 600gsm finish which is all hand sewn. All valve and bellow matts etc are all hand made in our workshops and infilled with either Ceramic or Mineral Fibre.

Red Jet 3:

Red Jet 3 operates on a stretch of water commonly known as the Solent which links the mainland to the Isle of Wight. This vessel was constructed by FBM Marine and Global Insulation was contracted to install the following specification:
Engine Rooms, Bridge Under Deck, Electrical Locker Rooms were insulated in 50mm thick 96kg Ceramic Fibre Blanket Firemaster 607, with a Grey Silicone Glass Cloth finish. This was also held into position by 25mm wire netting to comply with all A60 specifications. The accommodation areas were all insulated in 75mm thick 28kg Fibre glass mattress with a Bright Class 'O' Finish.
Red Jet 3


Swath MOD Contract:

These vessels operate for the MOD within UK waters. The engine rooms were insulated in a staggered joint system consisting of 1 layer of 50mm thick Firebatt 825 110kg, and one layer of 25mm thick Firebatt 825 110kg with a Grey Glass Silicone covering. This was encased in 25mm wire netting to comply with an A60 specification.
The overhead area of the engine room had to have an acoustic barrier installed prior to insulation.
All other areas within the accommodation area were insulated with 75mm thick Fibreglass Mattress with a Bright Class 'O' Finish.

Trans 002

Transwash 5

Trans 002 & Transwash 5:

These vessels were insulated to A60 specification in the same respects as the first pictures of Tri-Cat 45. Again, this contract consisted of a total of 8 vessels, four of which were constructed at FBM Marine, Cowes, Isle of Wight and the remaining four were constructed in Figueira da Foz, North Portugal, where we transported all materials concerned and our engineers carried out all works within the Portuguese Shipyard.
Due to our very high standard of workmanship, and our ability to co-ordinate with the Portuguese shipyard, they have now become one of our main clients within the mainland European Sector. This relationship has been ongoing since 1996 and grows stronger on a yearly basis.

Universal Mk1

Universal Mk1:

This vessel operates out of Barcelona and services the Balearic Islands. Global Insulation was contracted in January and February this year to remove all existing insulation below water line and replace with 50mm thick Ceramic Firemaster 607, 96kg to comply with full A60 specifications. We also had to carry out all insulation requirements to all penetrations within the Engine Room environment and extensive repairs to bulkheads, port and starboard engine rooms and ships hull. Again, this contract was very successful for Global Insulation.